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Sometime after we started living together, but before there was an engagement and subsequent marriage, Tricia and I began talking about what the ideal retirement life would be like for us. I remember there was talk of a small modest cabin style home in the woods somewhere other than Florida. I even went so far as to download some software that would allow us to design our “custom built cabin in the woods”. Of course the biggest question was where to build this home once it was designed. That I believe led to the idea of traveling full time to find that perfect piece of real estate to build our home.

We began reading many RV blogs and started discussing the potential of us becoming members of the full-timers community. We are both avid campers and presently own a micro sized (360 lb.) folding tent trailer, several cabin style tents and a backpack size tent. We pull the tent trailer with our tiny Honda Fit, which by the way is the vehicle we take on all our camping trips. With this equipment we have no problem going on extended weekend outings throughout Florida.

We have read blogs about couples successfully full-timing in tiny 16' fiberglass trailers, but a majority of people seem to be in larger 40' fifth wheels or motor homes. After carefully weighing out all the pros and cons on selecting a trailer size, we plan on falling somewhere in between. A 25-28’ travel trailer and a Ford F150 truck (with topper) for a tow vehicle appears to be "our sweet spot". We feel this size trailer would allow us to “get comfortable” and suit us well for the kind of traveling we plan to do.

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