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My childhood memories tell me that’s the way my parents (may they rest in peace) would begin telling their short bedtime stories to my brother and I. So that’s the way I’m going to start this story. However this will be different. It will be a looooong story. Months before we get to the actual beginning and perhaps decades before we get to know how it all ends.

It will be about our preparations to become full time RVer's, while we are still young enough to enjoy it, both physically and mentally. Check out the timer at top right corner of every page! This will countdown to our official launch date and then begin counting up to keep track of the length of time we are on the road as full-timers. We will not be making entries into this blog very frequently at first, until we actually hit the road. Although anytime we do something pertaining to getting on the road, we will keep you informed here.

First, a little bit about us, your storytellers. Tricia and I met in 2004 after joining the same Outdoor Adventure Club here in South Florida. The club mainly held weekend outings featuring a variety of activities (camping, backpacking, kayaking, hiking, bicycling and snorkeling to name a few). It wasn’t long before we noticed each of us were attending almost all of the outings, especially the camping and backpacking ones. We soon became “good outdoor friends” and after a year or so, extended our relationship to include a weekly dinner together after work. There was also the occasional weekend outdoor activity outside of the club, mostly summertime boat rides down the Intracostal Waterway aboard my 17’ power boat.

It remained that way for years, until early December of 2010, when we both found ourselves with the freedom and desire to pursue what a “romantic relationship” between the two of us might bring. After six years of “getting to know each other”, to neither one of our surprise, the relationship blossomed quite rapidly. I moved in with Tricia right after New Years Day of 2011 and by May of same year we were engaged to be married.

A short six months later, in November 2011, we invited eleven of our closest friends to come down to the Florida Keys, to witness our small outdoor wedding at The Lorelei Restaurant & Cabana Bar in Islamorada, FL. The ceremony took place at sunset on a small sandy beach in the outdoor seating area of the restaurant. We wrote our entire four minute ceremony (including vows) and right after the “I Do’s” we literally “took the plunge” by jumping into the warm Gulf of Mexico waters, all the way up to the tops of our ankles. You should have seen the faces on all of our guests, including the ceremony official, ‘cause we didn’t tell anyone of our plan to do so.

Until next time

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