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We have been reading many interesting blogs and have started a list of some must see locations that we probably would have not come across in any book or online travel guide. It’s fairly easy to create a list of national and state parks that you would like to visit, but until you are actually there, you may not be able to determine where is the most convenient place to park your home while trying to visit all of these wonderful sites.

Without reading all the blogs, we may never have heard of wintering in Quartzite, AZ or heard of all the great boondocking areas in the southwest United States.

In order to help determine where we will go in our travels we did recently purchase two books. The National Geographic Guide to the National Parks and the Guide to the State Parks of the United States. The national parks guide lists all the parks with great maps, photos and in depth information. We believe the state parks guide to be even more valuable, because it lists the top three or four parks in each state. We’ve also got an eye on a third Nat Geo book, The Scenic Highways & Byways of the United States, after all, the journey is half the adventure.

national statesscenic

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