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This past weekend we made our annual trip to the Tampa RV Supershow, just like we have for the last five Januarys. Only this time it would be different in a big way. This year we weren't just shopping, we were buying!

The first two years (2013/14) of the shows we were considering several different types of RV's. Travel trailers, fifth wheels, Class B's and even some smaller Class A motorhomes. The first to be removed from consideration were the fifth wheels. They were just too large and too heavy, requiring a larger dual axle truck to pull it safely and the available floorplans just didn't appeal to us.

The next to go were the Class A's & B's. By the time you get one large enough to comfortably live in, it's too big to be your daily driver and a towed vehicle becomes necessary. That means you have two motorized vehicles to maintain and insure which can become expensive.

By our third trip to Tampa (2015) we had decided a travel trailer and regular sized pickup truck would suit us well. It seems like we looked at them all. We saw several that could work for us, but there was always the concern of how long will they last. After all we would be living in it everyday and towing it down many unpaved forest roads for years to come. It was on Sunday afternoon when we finally realized we needed to consider those bright, shiny and expensive Airstreams.

You can't miss them if you attend the RV show. When you enter through the main gate you are funneled into the main building and just inside the main door are the Airstreams. Now some years they were on the right hand side of the aisle and most recently they have been on the left hand side of the aisle, but always they are the first and last thing you see if you attend the show. I suspect this doesn't just happen by chance.

We spent several hours that Sunday afternoon looking through all the different sizes and floorplans. We would literally sit in each of the dinettes and watch all the people come and go through the trailers. Whenever there was a brief lull in the traffic we would get up and explore each trailer. Weighing the pros and cons of each floorplan we arrived at a favorite by the end of the day. Several times salesmen would approach us but when we explained we were just window shopping they would smile, nod and leave us alone, just like we hoped. We drove home that day knowing there was going to be an Airstream in our future.

Next post we will talk about which model we selected and why!

Until next time

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