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So which model did we decide on and why?

To begin with, after exploring many travel trailer floorplans in previous years at the show, we decided rather quickly that we wanted a dedicated walk around queen sized bed.

Dedicated meaning you don't have to convert your dinette into your bed each time you want to go to sleep and back into a dinette when you wake up and want to eat breakfast. Walk around meaning you can easily enter the bed from both sides and not have to crawl over each other in the middle of the night if you feel the need to use the bathroom. We have always been comfortable in a queen sized bed, so no need for a king sized one now.

With that requirement we could eliminate all Airstream models under 27 feet and the 28 and 30 foot models were just to big for our style of camping. While technically there are some 23 and 25 foot models with walk around beds, one side is up against the back wall of the trailer and is barely passable. Also the storage space in the 23 and 25 footers is not quite large enough for full time living. So for us, 27 feet is our sweet spot!

Now that we have decided on a size and floorplan, which trim level do we like most. Let me just say all of the Airstream models are gorgeous and well thought out trailers. But for us the International series trailers are just too fancy and don't feel like home. There was the Eddie Bauer Edition trailer with the rear hatch door that we liked, but the interior was just a little to industrial looking even for our tastes. So for us, we went home from the show in 2016 with the Flying Cloud seeming like the best fit for us. Not surprisingly, we were told by our future salesperson, Scott Lafferty of RVOne Orlando, that the 27FBQ Flying Cloud is the most popular trailer in the entire lineup.

When we arrived at the show in 2017 everything changed. We walked in and what did we see? A new model Airstream with the rear hatch door that we love and an interior that fit us to a tee. The tee is for Tommy Bahama. It was only available in the 27 foot floorplan that we love and is damn near perfect. Let me preface this with the fact that at no time have either Tricia or I owned one single piece of Tommy Bahama merchandise. But the whole decor of the trailer was spot on to our tastes, with one exception, the wallpaper in the bathroom (you will see what I mean later on in photos after we take delivery).

One problem, it is significantly more expensive than the Flying Cloud model we were happy with just minutes ago. There are a few items that are standard equipment on the Tommy Bahama and not even available on the Flying Cloud. Upgraded top of the line appliances and faucets, power stabilizer jacks and the option of a power front awning. Let's not forget that rear hatch door!

We left the 2017 RV Supershow with a new dilemma, how are we going to afford this new dream home?

More on that in the next post!

Until next time

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